Vanessa Diaz Success Story

Hello, my name is Vanessa Diaz. I was born in Connecticut but raised in Lancaster, Pa.  Growing up in Lancaster was tough for my family and I. I did not do much after school, my mother was very strict. Advantage Lancaster changed my life for the better. It opened my mind up to others things/places out of Lancaster.  When you’re young, you only know what you see and believe me I did not see much but this program took me to visit college campuses in which I started to think about my life and I was only 13 years old. Advantage Lancaster even showed me new places around the city I had no idea where there, it taught me culture, diversity and history. I even remember books we all read together. Advantage Lancaster made me want to do more than just live in Lancaster and that’s exactly what happens. I joined job corps after high school graduation and that took me to Maryland. You see, home is where your heart is and no matter how far this life takes me, I will never forget home. Mr. Bair and Mr. Meadows are Advantage Lancaster. They are the voices for kids who don’t know they have so much to offer to this world. They believe it’s in the youth where you start to teach the importance of education and overall importance of living a stable, joyful life. I learned my basic computer skills from Mr. Bair in which I remember using while in Maryland community college. They also teach you real life experiences and not just your everyday reading and writing. They even cover stage fright and reading speeches or speaking in front of a crowd in which I also had to do while in job corps. I was a very shy girl growing up, meeting these two brave warm hearted men helped built me up personally, making me brave enough to never think less of myself ever again. Advantage Lancaster makes you believe in yourself. That is simply what kids just need and no one knows how to do that better than Advantage Lancaster.