Fall/Spring Semester

Fall/Spring Semester

Our afterschool programs are unlike any other. While many programs focus almost exclusively on homework completion, we focus on expanding our students’ horizons and exposing them to the world of possibilities that their futures could hold. Some of our offerings include:

Peer Tutoring: For the first hour of our program, students work in groups with a high schooler to complete homework assignments and study for upcoming assessments. Students develop discipline, teamwork, and top-notch study skills.

Photography: A nationally-acclaimed photographer Ole Hongvanthong teaches our students the basics of photography. From developing a “good eye” to editing photos, students get hands-on experience in capturing moments and making them look great.

Ballroom Dancing: In order to encourage grace, balance, physical movement, and teamwork, Becca from Cityline Dance teaches Advantage Lancaster students ballroom dancing courses in swing, waltzes, etc.

Computer coding: Complete with iPads and a small robot called Sphero, our students learn simple coding and the building blocks of computer skills.

Volunteer Work: Our students are required to give back to the community that has given so much to them. In the past, we’ve sent students to work at Water Street Mission and the Boys and Girls club to help with tasks to keep their programs running smoothly.
National Junior Tennis League: During the summer, our students are introduced to the age-old sport of tennis and play on Thaddeus Stevens’ courts. More on that here.

WHYW Production Studio: Our students are the future faces of television journalism. In coordination with Edward Hand Middle, Advantage Lancaster students script and cover school announcements. More on that here.