Just a Kid from Lancaster

Everyone is “Just a Kid” from somewhere, but Advantage Lancaster students are different than most other kids. By growing up in Lancaster and being a part of this substantial program, Advantage Lancaster students learn the fundamental values of giving back to their community.

Advantage Lancaster’s Just A Kid campaign is not just about the positive impact this non-profit program strives to provide for its students, but more about the exceptional students themselves—the ones who are involved. Since 2003, Advantage Lancaster kids have volunteered over 10,000 hours of their time—just one of the many ways in which Advantage Lancaster’s core lessons have been implemented in their everyday lives.

“Advantage Lancaster, to me, is mostly based off of community involvement. They always encourage us to do community service, be involved in our community, and know what is going on around us—how it betters ourselves being aware of what is going on around us, how the community is always there for you, and how you should always be there for your community,” explains an Advantage Lancaster student, Danae.

When students and their families commit to the hard work, principles, and fun which encompass Advantage Lancaster, a whole world of opportunities open up. With your help, Advantage Lancaster can continue to encourage, educate, and mentor students to give back to their community, and create a winning life plan.

Ready to get involved? Join Advantage Lancaster’s Just A Kid campaign by getting involved. You can donate, mentor a student, volunteer, or purchase one of our “Just A Kid” t-shirts online. Make sure to share a fun photo yourself wearing your “Just A Kid” t-shirt on social media, tagging #JustAKidFromLancaster.

For more information on Advantage Lancaster, please visit www.exitlancaster.staging.wpengine.com.