Introducing Advantage Lancaster

We are excited to announce our change in name from Exit Lancaster to Advantage Lancaster!

Founded in 2002, we have worked to equip youth with the tools and aptitude needed to succeed in higher education and ultimately a future career. The transition in name from Exit Lancaster to Advantage Lancaster defines our co-founders Shayne Meadows and Ty Bair’s mission to encourage and mentor area youth—giving them an advantage towards their future.

“Since 2002, our program has worked diligently to support youth within the local community. The name change better reflects our core mission to equip our students with the necessary skills to succeed beyond intermediate school. Together, we can create an advantage for our students and the broader community,” said Shayne Meadows, Co-Founder.

Advantage Lancaster is a program designed to provide youth in the City of Lancaster with impactful experiences intended to create and inspire success. Our cornerstone belief is that all children can become positive members of society when they are given opportunities to succeed. To learn more about Advantage Lancaster, please visit: