Internship Opportunities for Advantage Lancaster Students

Advantage Lancaster’s purpose is to create a “winning life plan” for all of its students. With its five fundamental principles; educational opportunity, community involvement, appreciation of the arts, wellness and career exploration, the program is able to provide students with the tools they need to succeed after graduation. Often times, students who seek a professional position after graduation are required to have prior work experience. Due to a variety of factors, it is hard for students to gain experience. Advantage Lancaster is able to provide these opportunities to its students while engaging them socially and academically.

Sobeida Rosa, a former Advantage Lancaster student who currently studies at Ithaca College, says that even after graduating from the program Advantage Lancaster still diligently works in aiding her in her professional endeavors. This summer Advantage Lancaster was able to provide Sobeida with an internship at The Sweet Core, an advertising and marketing company based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Advantage Lancaster not only provides internship opportunities for past students but for current students as well. This summer Advantage Lancaster collaborated with the Lancaster County Workforce Development Board to provide students with job readiness training and hands-on experience through internships. These internships are available to the 11th grade students in the program. Experiences like these help them to build their resumes before graduating high school.

Through the collaboration with the Workforce Development Board, Advantage Lancaster was provided the monetary funds able to compensate the students for their work. This allows businesses to accept 3-5 interns without any financial strain. This also allows students to receive experience in a field of their interest. This summer Advantage Lancaster has partnered with The Candy Factory, Fruition Collective and Southeast Health Clinic to provide internships for its students!

The Candy Factory is a coworking space that allows small business or people that typically work from home, a space to work and socialize with other business owners and entrepreneurs. This is The Candy Factory’s second summer partnered with Advantage Lancaster! Emily Truman is an employee at the Candy Factory and oversees the Advantage Lancaster interns. Truman facilitated an icebreaker session with the interns on their first day and said that it was refreshing to see young people with ambitions in complex careers.

Throughout this summer our interns have worked on various projects with different members and clients at their internships. Our students have gained experience in a field of their interest and established connections in their community that can be used in the future.

If you are interested in partnering with us to provide internship opportunities to our students please email