Advantage Lancaster’s Impact on my Life, Terrence Rosario

It all started when I was in 7th grade, I can recall having Mr. Meadows, as my teacher and it was there that I sensed something different about Mr. Meadows.  I always felt the extra care and attentiveness that he gave to all of his students.  While engaging us in our studies he occasionally made us laugh and made studying that much more fun.  I grow up in Lancaster, PA in a family of five.  My childhood was good for the most part, my brothers and sisters and I wanted for nothing.  I enjoyed sports, so most of my time was spent on the basketball court envisioning myself in the NBA one day.   There seem to be a lack of structure in my life after my father and mother separated. All of us, my brothers and sisters started to become unsure of who we were.  It was at this point that Advantage Lancaster came into my life.

As I already mentioned that Mr. Meadows and I establish a relationship through his communication arts class.  He convinced me that it was good idea for me to join Advantage Lancaster.  I knew how Mr. Meadows carried himself, therefore allowing him to guide  my life was a blessing.  One of the things that stuck out to me was how much both Mr. Meadows and Mr. Bair genuinely care for their students.  They treated everyone with love and respect.  Mr. Meadows and Mr. Bair instilled in me the importance of education, through book reports, college visits, and journals.  Their ability to relate to the students was another incredible factor that comes to mind.  I believe that is why the overall experience of Advantage Lancaster was a game changer.  I probably would have never have thought to write an essay paper to compete for a trip to Japan to be one of the representatives of the school district of Lancaster.  I would have never probably made honor roll and been voted most likely to succeeded if it was not for Advantage Lancaster.  I am truly indebted to Mr. Meadows and Mr. Bair, who taught me so much about the value of education and how when used properly it can change your life.

Since learning of the different opportunities that were available from a college standpoint, this inspired me to pursue a higher education.  Prior to joining Advantage Lancaster my vision was to make it to the NBA with no plan B in mind at all.  After seeing the value of education and how both Mr. Meadows and Mr. Bair were living examples of what they preached, I consented that pursuing an education would well worth the investment.  My journey to pursuing this higher education did not come without its difficulties.  I started off at Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC).  Taking care of Son and working full-time for the most part of my college career was not the ideal plan.  Yet by the grace of God I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Ministry and Biblical Studies from Lancaster Bible College.  I never stopped believing because of those seeds that Mr. Meadows and Mr. Bair planted in me early on.  It was at HACC that I had the opportunity to get my General Education at a great price.  It was there also that I discovered my calling to be a Pastor.  Through the various activities and groups that HACC offered through its student body I was drawn to a group named the Alpha Club.  As I attended the group I quickly saw myself being more than an attendee, so I begin to go through the process in order to become a member of the group.  Within a year I was named the president.  The lessons that I learned through the Alpha club concerning dealing with people, time management, asking the tough questions about peoples beliefs in terms of spiritual matters, help molded me into the person I am today.

 The next chapter of my life started in 2012 when I decided to attend Lancaster Bible College.  The overall experience was absolutely great, due to having a son I was limited to what I was able to avail myself to.  The chapel, the conversations with professors, students, friends, the activities, and most of all the teaching of the word of God has equipped me to live with a biblical world view.  I am currently helping build the outreach team at In the Light Ministries.  I was given the task to promote the different events that In the Light Ministries has and to train those who desire to go out and preach the word of God.

I think one of the greatest lessons that I learned from Advantage Lancaster is to enjoy what you do.  As I look back on my experience in Advantage Lancaster I can confidently say that Mr. Meadows and Mr. Bair one hundred percent enjoy what they do.  It was Marc Anthony who said “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”  I always keep this perspective in mind and know that if I found my passion, my calling in life, and pursued it with all my heart I will never have to work another day in my life.  My advice to Mr. Meadows and Mr. Bair would be help children learn the value of sticking to a schedule and to work hard for whatever it is that they desire and not to look for handouts.  If students today can take ownership of where they are at albeit good or bad than there is hope, but if they walk around feeling entitled as if they deserve these incredible opportunities like Advantage Lancaster has to offer than they will never develop into the man or woman that God has created them to be.