Advantage Lancaster is molding tomorrow’s workers. If your business wants to participate in preparing today’s youth for a fulfilling future, work with us to build internships

We’ve partnered with a number of local businesses to offer our students real-world experience by way of internships and summer jobs. Our students have worked at Fruition Collective and The Candy Factory in past summers, where they have learned how these business worked and participated in their development.

We pride ourselves on how we prepare students for life after school. We take a well-rounded approach to our program and produce young adults who are talented, knowledgeable, curious, quick to learn, and eager to succeed. If you could use some excitement around your workplace, do we have the youths for you.

We would love to partner with your business and send our brightest students to work for you. Fill out the following so we can begin our journey!

We all have a stake in developing today’s youth into tomorrow’s business leaders, and it’s going to give these students the best chance at a better future.