Blessed by 100 Men Who Care

When one person individually gives $100, it makes a difference.

When 128 people collectively give $100 each, it makes the difference.

For us at Advantage Lancaster, it made the difference in what incentives and experiences we could provide to our students after a summer of rigorous learning at Thaddeus Stevens’ campus.

But first, let’s go back to the night we received the check; because it was magical. It was July 22, 2015, and it was the first event for the Lancaster chatper of 100 Men Who Care. Over a hundred men had gathered to hear presentations from 3 non-profits. Prior to the presentations Ty, Shayne, and Liz got to introduce themselves and Advantage Lancaster to the different men. There was a lot of energy and excitement in the room as they explained Advantage Lancaster to so many people who had never heard of the program.

During Ty’s presentation, he spoke from the heart explaining how his own experience, growing up in poverty in Lancaster City and having mentors in his life empower him to make the choices he needed to be successful, developed a passion in him to give back. He explained that Advantage Lancaster doesn’t mean the students leave Lancaster and don’t come back, but rather it stands for giving students opportunities to see something other than the streets they grew up on, opportunities to be ready for higher education and a successful career, and opportunities to exit poverty. It was beautiful; and it touched the hearts of 100 Men Who Care, who then touched our hearts by blessing us with over $12,000.
That $12,000+, made the difference in what we could do this summer. This summer we read a book called Miracle’s Boy’s which is set in New York City. We had already planned a trip to New York City, so the students could make a real-life connection to the book, but receiving this money allowed us do things that many only dream of. We visited two universities, watched a Mets game, and experienced a Broadway show. Our summer learning experience was enriched because of 100+ Men Who Care.

Check out pictures from the night, thanks to Ken King Photography, and some from our trip. Also, watch the news segment from Fox 43!