An Example of Excellence: Tish Hernandez, Board of Directors for Advantage Lancaster

Tish Hernandez—a Dropout Prevention Specialist for the School District of Lancaster—grew up in Lancaster County. Following high school, Tish went on to graduate from Millersville University and received a Master’s degree in Family Counseling from Drexel University. Tish has always been proud of her hometown and decided to go back to Lancaster to pursue her career.

Tish Hernandez is passionate about helping children in our community. Shayne Meadows—co-founder of Advantage Lancaster, a non-profit mentoring program that extends learning opportunities for Lancaster County students throughout the school year and into the summer— approached Tish about getting involved. Tish fell in love with the program and what it represents, and now serves as a member on the Board of Directors.

While Tish is not a product of the program, she is a product of the School District of Lancaster and recognizes the significant impact Advantage Lancaster has on her students. Not only do the core lessons of Advantage Lancaster benefit her students, but the fundamental principles of the program reach beyond students, and positively impact their families and our community.

“Advantage Lancaster is necessary for our youth and is an example of excellence,” Tish explains. She believes that co-founders Shayne Meadows and Ty Bair have created a program that is a vital asset to the Lancaster County community and its students.

As a member of the Advantage Lancaster Board of Directors, Tish appreciates the opportunity to be a part of something influential in our community, saying, “It is my honor to witness and participate in a movement that was dreamt up by professionals of color who strive for the betterment of our students. I am super excited to see what the future holds.”

Advantage Lancaster strives to prepare students for higher education and ultimately a future career through various opportunities. Our “Just A Kid” Campaign is designed to recognize past and present Advantage Lancaster students and their successes. Help us provide opportunities for our students by getting involved!

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