Educational Opportunities

Our students will get to explore and play in the fields of Math, Science, Literacy and Technology through partnerships with local professors and professionals. Classroom exercises become real-life activities so our kids can see a future for themselves in their studies.

Community Involvement

Lancaster is more than an area on a map — it’s the people who work together to build and bring each other up. Advantage Lancaster helps students find ways to influence their friends and neighbors around good causes.

Appreciation of the Arts

From the paintings to dances to classical music and poetry, young people in our program learn the stories of their past by studying art produced in a moment in history. We take trips to museums, theaters, and libraries to expand students’ understanding of what art means and how it applies to their view of the world.


Physical health and emotional health are cornerstones of a good life. We teach our students different ways to eat healthful diets, enjoy exercise, explore different kinds of sports, find peace in their minds, and rest when they need time.

Career Exploration

The current job market has professions that today’s adults could ever have imagined when they were young. We take our students on-site to experience a day in the life of a given industry. Our partners let students ask tough questions that help them decide if they want to pursue a similar career path.